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  1. Will it come to nintendo switch too or we will continue being marginated?
  2. Not a great idea, I’m new. I have played only for 4 months and I’m still prepairing to tame a quetzal. Actually I have breeded almost all dinos including rexes and basilosaurs. My most mutated dino has 7 mutations and it is a tapejara. A wipe will kill my illusion and would give me a deception for all the time lost.
  3. Nintendo Switch forgotten players Please, introduce at least some of the maps as ragnarok or aberration to nintendo switch. We have payed the same as a PC or PS4 players for the game. The game is excellent but the nintendo switch forgotten players is really a problem. You have had TWO YEARS and haven’t introduced any expansion. Please work on it and if you can’t, say us why, and please look for a solution. I’m looking forward to it. A nintendo switch deceptionated player as much others.
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