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  1. Bring S+ to console I think one thing that not only XBOX players will agree but other console users will agree with....BRING S+ TO CONSOLE. Not only has other games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim by Bethesda have brought these to console, even if you charged say £10 (yes I'm from the UK) for the addition of MODS I'm sure you would have a lot of players wanting this mod and many more. Even if you get a licensing agreement with mod developers and let them install them on there games.
  2. I play on unofficial servers with it being RP, even the craft all 'Y' as I play on console it only crafts up to 100 at a time and 1000 being the limit ? I will end up looking for blueprints on the server/ the discord I'm in.....thanks xp
  3. Quality of Life Suggestions I think some quality of life issues that should he addressed o itls the crafting queue. I mainly play on a RP server and I use the chem bench, grinder and fabricator a lot in this. I would love to queue up more than 1000 bullets, CP, GP or whatever at a single time. I normally grind a full grinders worth of flint but I have to keep going back and keeping an eye on these to queue up more.
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