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  1. Does anyone know what the last update did?
  2. tarmati

    level cap

    level cap so ive recently leveled up a couple of my dinos over level 450 thinking that it was compleatly normal but they keep getting wiped off the map or when i cryopod them it comes up with "failed to deploy" is this dino a lost cause or is there a chance that i could get it back in the near future? also if there is a level why can you level past that cap. im surprised that they havent fitted a level cap so that this is avoided because i know i was upset when i lost my favourite rex because i leveled it up to much
  3. Snow owl not being able to be cared for So I’ve had someone give me a baby snow owl in a crying pod and now it’s saying it needs care from the person that gave it to me but they are no longer on this server what do I do
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