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  1. It sure would be nice to get one. The grind from level 70 to level 75 is long
  2. Basically every hour and twenty minutes you can watch an ad for a free gift so I guess that’s your supply drop. I have not played multiplayer so I don’t know if you can get the free gift there or not.
  3. Railrunner

    Free gift

    Free gift Has anyone ever gotten a Quetz saddle blueprint as one of the free gifts? I have a tamed Quetz but can’t make the saddle for 5 more levels. LOL just wondering if it’s even in the loot pool for that.
  4. I’ll see if that helps
  5. Railrunner

    Metal rocks

    Metal rocks Are the metal rocks supposed to respawn on herbivore island? I cleared most of them out quite a while ago and they still have not respawned. Not having this problem in other places. I’m playing solo by the way.
  6. Therizinosaurus Therizinosaurus I just tamed my first Therizinosaurus. Is there a way to put points toward delicate and power harvesting on mobile? I don’t see it as an option when it levels up.
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