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  1. Yeah because falling from the sky because a server can't keep up is survival.
  2. Game is absolute garbage I've spent months playing this game. I fly towards a mountaintop with like 15+ high lvl argentavis. I am all the sudden disconnected (from single player) when I reconnect I am falling from the sky and die with rare loot in my inventory. All those birds are stuck in the sky. I fly my last one back to find the others and my body. My bird decides to get tired right on top of a bunch of allisarus (whatever they are called) and is "too tired" to fly from danger so I die. I decide F this and lead an army of like 5 (lvl 40+)Trex back to the area where my body is which is no longer labeled with a green bean. I run into some made up dinosaur slightly bigger than a Trex called "giagantusaurs" or whatever (lvl18) and he kills the entire army with like one swing. Is this game retarded? Did anyone test this game? I lost everything because I was spawned falling from the sky. I'm completely through with this game and your online community sucks. Randomly joining the game and spawning in my base to steal all my loot. F this.
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