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  1. My main and alt character are stuck on a ps4 crashed gen 2 server. The server is 1564 eu pve. It has been over 24 hours. Anyone else's server is down currently? I'm curious to see if its just gen 2 servers or a variety.
  2. Love the new years event. It was very fun last year. I like the hawk but do we really need another shoulder pet? I was really sad that I did not see an aquatic creature i could vote for. Ark lacks water dinos.
  3. Lobe this event but the presents bring out the worst in people. Its going to be WW3 on my Gen 2 server. XD
  4. Wish they would add Ascension to Scorched Earth. Its the only official map that you don't ascens from. I really liked that map and sadly it's always very dead on pve.
  5. Ptera take a long time to tame and can't cary a lot. Argys are so good early on. They reduce the weight of the metal they carry and can carry an anky around the mountains.
  6. You can upload dinos and items but you jusy hit travel to another server to transfer your character.
  7. Found my first 298 hatchet bp on gen 2 today. Was super excited because I could farm more element shards on crystal with my Mantis. Ran home and showed my tribemate. When they threw the bp back to me, the server crashed and said bp decayed on the ground before either of us got back on. Then I followed up with a few hours of stardew valley because that game doesn't crush my hopes and dreams.
  8. Okay good to know ylthat there is a part where you can uncryo. I've seen people fly down with wing suites and then use the tek chest to fly while shooting the boss with a shotgun. I have really good rexes so hopefully they will burn down the boss too.
  9. Okay so Island it is. Missions on my Gen 2 server glitch and lag out a lot. I was torn between farming master controller and the island. I'll have to look up methods of getting through the cave. I have tried it before but usually someone dies on the way down. Thank you!
  10. A few weeks ago I ascended by doing Alpha Rockwell on pve. My tribe got lucky and were invited by a random group on our server. My tribe is pretty small (only 3 active members currently) and I am wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on where I should ascend next. My tribe also has the island server, gen 1, and gen 2 server. What other ascension is relatively easy? I'm looking to get a few more levels.
  11. I can't wait to leave the early bird crew. I really want access to the trading forum for ps4. One day.... one day.
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the info all. I didn't know that the deinonychus melee capped out that low.
  13. What are the current top stats for giga, rex, and dein??
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