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  1. When i look in this comments, its sad, but customer service for console not exist. Even some comments say: Buy a pc. Right answer! Console Rassismus, xbox or allover console player, doesnt matter! Thats what i understand right now. We will never get a refund for all lost things, again! WC kill more of Our Dinos with updates and DCD then we do. Ill Quit Playin Ark and ill hope to be never a costumer from something else, that got anything to do with them. Its like they Spit in my Face for 8 times in a row and say evrytime.... Nothing! Nice to know.
  2. Was able to Login. Finally. This Update kills 2 babys, never saw 145 and 150 egg, bec of no Warning. All Imprents are Ruined! Alone the Imprents cost 4 Days Gaming Time! What did we wrong to get Problems like that? Submit Ticketsfor the lost Eggs will even not work. Im the Idiot that is not able to Provide the lost of this Eggs. Thx to all Persons behind the Support for XBOX gaming. Hate is the feeling i got for u. Goodbye!
  3. Thx to Wildcard again. Another 21gb update without Warning! Hillarius awesome, got fresh 145 and 150 Magmasaur Egg at my breeding Area.... Thanks alot to handle me (and alot other Gamer) in this way. I would like to cheer with u, bec Ark is Unbelivable! Its got a Nice Design! U work to make it better, but u do things.... without any Comments and all our Game Time is waste. Why? Are our life time is not Important? Ill hope to see my New Babys, but i know Ark now since 6 Month and i cant provide it.... BIG BIG THANK TO THE PERSON THAT DESTROY ALL THE GOOD WORK. Why dont Delete Completly Safe File evry 2 Month?
  4. Happy Summer Disconnect... After 5 Years, an update without Warning, a Rollback from 12h without an ingame Info. Now evry couple min a Disconnect. Thx for waste my Gaming Time, killing New Babys or Old beloved Dinos and Reduce my Fun by Playing Ark. I cant wrote in words how i feel. I read about the Nice Colorates and wanted to tame a few, its not Possible and my Dinos will Die by DCD at any Point! Why Collect new Chibis, when i lose all Chibis in 40 min, bec DCD dead evry 3 min. Thx and Happy Summer Time.
  5. Wrong information? I Tame them in a different way. Its a nice feature, thx to Wildcard.
  6. To Name a Person an idiot and X-Golems are not Tamable. That was the answer i got! My Answer is Disgusting? Make no sense to wrote things like that. If u still comment against me and u are Really Toxiccity from my Server. Then may i know why u talk like this.
  7. Last thing- its clearly not a bug or why im able to Tame them! Hope the Post get Closed soon as possible to and may some Messages Deleted.
  8. And if u like it or not, i know what to do and i will not answer ppls Questions when they start to get Unfriendly. Ill Trade them for a fair prize. A few Gamer on my Server got my highest Tame already, shame on u to talk like this. Ill hope to Answer ur Question right, RockDrakeGaming. Wanted to help.
  9. The Question allover was if the Tame is broken. He got an answer from me. Idk why u so aggressiv? Again no Question, how i do it or what is in need? Still no clue why i dont tell anyone? In Release from Genesis they was able to Tame like evry Golem. Ferox was Tamable with Berrys. Now Ferox are Tamable with Element. Things changes.
  10. The Point is. It is right now a Top Secret! Im the first Person i ever read, that know how to Tame them. Think about it.... where is ur free flow of Fantasy to do something, that NOBODY did before and evryone think its Impossible! No Cheers for the Info that there Tamable from Erinn? Thx, was Hard work to Tame them, bec the only info i got was that there not Tamable!
  11. I Tamed on Official PvE more then 20 X-Rock Elemental, they are Tamable. Other Gamer on same Server, call me an Idiot and Kill in last Time the kited X-Rock Elemental or Replace Dinos in the way, to Report me, if his Dino get Attacked or Killed. Reported him already, after 4 weeks Terrorism and Hateful speaking against me. Some are rly not Tamable, even when u do evrything right, some will not Start eat, may bec of lags or something. Got 7 fail X-Golems tames, bec they dont wanted start Eating. I will not Talk about how, but its possible, good luck!
  12. Searching for XBOX user with Youtube Account Hi Community, do anyone play on XBOX ONE and got already a Youtube Channel to Upload a bug Report for the Support? I got 2 Videos from Tek Teleporter, where the Dino was taken to Port and it never Respawned at the other side. The Videos are from me and a friend, i would send u the Video (on XBOX Live), u send me the Link from the Youtube uploaded Video and i post it into the Ticket. Would be nice to get some help, thx in anyway.
  13. Submit a ticket. Its hard for me, bec im able to speak and understand engl good, but its not my Mother Language and some words i need to translate with an app. The Hardest part is to say whats happent exact, its a long story. Ill hope to wrote evrything understandable for the Support.
  14. He did some with the Chat and he got no filter and can wrote what they want and they do it often. I need to know how to send Screenshot on XBOX. Do a pic with Smart Phone and connect it to xbox, would that work? Ill try it, max of Comments is near, may im able to Answer 1 more Time... Thx for the Help in anyway
  15. More Infos.... Ill play PvE on Genesis, i tryed to Tame X-Rock Elemental a few Weeks ago. It was in the East Vulcano Entry next to the Mission Eggstraction. They started Directly to talk Offensive, called me an Idiot and that X-Rock Elemental not Tamable. I requested to Tamed another X-Rock Elemental and he talked more Aggressiv that he would like to see me get Down by the Try. He Blocked the Way Out and dont wanted to go, but after a time and a bit Conversation, bec i dont show any1 how to Tame X-Golems, he went away. Its now 3 or 4 weeks ago and he replace now Tek Rexes where i Tame them. I asked today 3 or 4 Times to move him a bit, but he Replaced another Normal higher Rex Direct into the Entry and block my way where i Tame them. He startet to talk again Aggressiv and 1 of my Building is Destroyed and Surrounded by the Tribe and Friends. I tryed a couple times to End this Fight friendly, but the Tribe not Stop talking Hateful to me. Now i want to Report.
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