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  1. How I can help You, KFC...GT:MaCaRoNi111 Hello whoever may be reading this, I am Mac. I've played on official pvp for a long time and wanted to share with you some of my experience if you are looking to recruit or make a friend on the forum. I would like to highlight some of my personal traits, skills, and interests that may match what you are looking for. So, lets start with some personal traits: Traits: I am 20 y/o I am in the united states on Central Time Zone School just ended for me so I have a lot of free time SKIlls: excellent grinder on any map, most knowledgeable on aberration and the island but have experience in every DLC excels in taming and breeding. Also marvelous base and turret designer. My Interests: Enjoy breeding above other things but will defend and raid when I am needed. Creating farming bases and separate outposts are thins that I enjoy. I also have experience in mid sized tribes and understand ranking and promoting over time. CONTACT INFO: Gamertag: MaCaRoNi111 Discord: niksayshey#6166 reddit: Macaroni111 Please respond in your earliest convenience, Preferably through xbox DMs but with check others periodically.
  2. GT: MaCaRoNi111 20 y/o experienced in large tribes in the past. I have all DLC and enjoy breeding the most, can do anything for the tribe. Discord: Smokebandit
  3. GT:MaCaRoNi111 20 y/o Player. stopped playing due to getting wiped. I have every DLC except Genesis. Breeding is what I like to do the most and can grind mats with the right gear. My discord is Smokebandit. Looking forward to joining you all.
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