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  1. How I can help You, KFC...GT:MaCaRoNi111 Hello whoever may be reading this, I am Mac. I've played on official pvp for a long time and wanted to share with you some of my experience if you are looking to recruit or make a friend on the forum. I would like to highlight some of my personal traits, skills, and interests that may match what you are looking for. So, lets start with some personal traits: Traits: I am 20 y/o I am in the united states on Central Time Zone School just ended for me so I have a lot of free time SKIlls: excellent grinder on any map, most
  2. GT: MaCaRoNi111 20 y/o experienced in large tribes in the past. I have all DLC and enjoy breeding the most, can do anything for the tribe. Discord: Smokebandit
  3. GT:MaCaRoNi111 20 y/o Player. stopped playing due to getting wiped. I have every DLC except Genesis. Breeding is what I like to do the most and can grind mats with the right gear. My discord is Smokebandit. Looking forward to joining you all.
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