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  1. So is the game still playable right now? If so does that mean everything that you do will just be reset back to whenever they roll it back to? Also does this effect unofficial servers as well?
  2. Nevermind! Did a little looking and found out the level cap is indeed now 24 on a beginner server.
  3. Level cap on beginner sever? My girlfriend has never played on an official server so instead of jumping straight into a super populated server we decided to try a beginner server but now we are stuck at lever 24. Did they change the level cap from 44 to 24 for beginner servers and I’m just unaware? Or are we just experiencing a glitch?
  4. Oh ok. Well I guess controller it is then for building. Thanks for the help!
  5. Can you the keybindings for a keyboard on Xbox one? I play with keyboard and mouse on Xbox and for some reason I can’t seem to be able to cycle the snap points when building. I looked at the controls for kb/m and it’s says it’s supposed to be either Q or Z but neither work. Am I able to change the keybindings for my keyboard through ark on Xbox so I can fix the issue I’m having? Or are the keybindings for cycling snap points not actually Q/Z?
  6. Yeah I’ve kinda started to realize that it’s nothing too spectacular down there haha Thanks for the input though!
  7. Underwater Base Locations Does anybody know of any cool relatively open/ flat underwater locations on the Island that could potentially be good for a base? Looking to experiment building with the Tek Vacuum Compartments and all that.
  8. We tried putting it into the crop plots and it wouldn’t even go into the crop inventory.
  9. Base Fertilizer? I’m playing creative and was trying to spawn in regular fertilizer via admin commands but accidentally spawned something called “base fertilizer”. Does it work the same way as normal fertilizer? Tried googling it and the only thing I could find just said it was an “unobtainable item” that you can only get by using admin commands.
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