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  1. so they changed the coc so moronic people can finally understand it but yet still allow massive tribes to block artefact caves and stop the actual progression of the game? nice.
  2. Yo jat seriously push for something to be done about the breeding in ark official man its aids for anyone with a life outside of the game, 2x breeding or some sort of tek item that feeds baby dinos, i dont have 28hrs to feed a baby giga when i have a new baby to apply my time to, love this game but things are getting easier in every area (farming, taming, xp) the only thing that is bad about the game is the baby feeding timer its too demanding for something so trivial.
  3. how about you guys stop titan transfers completely, everyone has done nothing but build in rat holes since they were released and building has become stale in the pvp meta, theyre too easy to tame and too strong to take out. also nerf manas into the ground 1/4 their speed or stamina nothing has made pvp fighting more stale in any other game like manas have, if you dont have a mana forget even winning a fight. i miss ark when it was released with SE those were the time of giga fights rex fights good air combat, now its just manas for pvp, titans and gasbags for raiding. you even took away the c
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