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  1. Xbox - how to see who raided me Apologies for what is probably a basic question. I’m used to ArkMobile tribe log to see who raided me. I’m playing solo on Xbox on a pvp official server. I can’t see how to find who raided me on Xbox. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. New update Xbox - fibre not registering to craft I downloaded the new update for Xbox and now I’m having issues with fibre. I’ve tried started a new survivor in a few ragnarok sessions today and although I have more than enough fibre in my inventory I can’t use it to craft primitive items needing it like hatchet and spears. The crafting icon says there is no fibre. Is there a bug?
  3. Still happening. Players in server believe it is a deliberate hack. Advice would be appreciated, thanks
  4. Rollback glitch - a bug or a hack? I’m in Iguanadon-PVXC-EU official server in ark mobile and have been for a number of weeks. In the last three to four days there has been a consistent random rollback happening, sometimes for a minute or so, but also up to 10mins. I play about four to five hours a day and it is happening constantly in that period. It is causing havoc and frustration in the server and people are losing significant progress, artefacts, death etc. Is someone hacking or is it a bug? Either way could developers and admins please investigate. I’ve spent a good amount of money on
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