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  1. Character name change and gender/appearance change We NEED a way to do change names and gender/appearance! It's could be a simple crafted item like the Mindwipe Tonic, or even a 1 time option in the menu. I'd even be happy to pay for it at this point. This is a very common wish from players that could be done very easily. People change over the years that we play this game. PLEASE WILDCARD, YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Up vote this so we may finally get a solution to this very simple issue. I play on official servers, so there's no possible way to do this at this point.
  2. This NEEDS to happen. It could be something crafted like the Mindwipe Tonic. It's not game breaking but would give players that either stuffed up at the creation menu or players that have changed personality wise over years of playing Ark. PLEASE SEE THIS WILDCARD! It's a very simple fix!
  3. This NEEDS to happen. Why can't we have something similar to the Mindwipe Tonic. A crafted recipe that lets you change name and gender/appearance. It's not something that would break the game at all. PLEASE SEE THIS WILDCARD AND RESPOND! Like the the poster said, I'd happily even pay for this option, even if it's a 1 time thing.
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