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  1. Looking to jojn I wish to join the tribe, I have been playing ark for about 6 months and have gotten a prett good grasp of the game. I’m looking to constantly improve and to grow. I’m good at grinding as well as taming. I want to also learn as much as I can for I feel like there are tips and tricks I do not know about. Psn: Blazingfire09
  2. Looking to join I’m looking for a tribe to join. I am only level 75 currently and have been playing for about 6 months. I’m still grinding levels and wishing to grow inside of a tribe even more. I’m don’t being the little guy who sits and watches while the big guys stomp around the server. I even was my own “big” guy once and our tribe eventually fell in the server. PSN: Blazingfire09
  3. My psn is Blazingfire09
  4. Interview Age - 24 Level - 73 Timezone - Eastern what are you good at? I am good at Taming as well as PvP what are you looking for in a tribe? I’m looking for security, commitment and also teaching. I want to learn so much more than I know about this game and learn the different strategies people use to get ahead. Activity - Daily for at least a couple hours what can I bring? My dedication as well as my work ethic and my grind while I’m online I will always give my 110% and do whatever I can to make the tribe succeed Why’d I leave past tribe? This is my first real opportunity to be in a tribe aside from trining with a couple friends here and there. But I left cause I’m tired of people the little guy squad that ends up getting wiped because we can’t even get to a point to fairly defend ourselves Thanks
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