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  1. I'm going to cry, this is the most amazing expansion ever?? Sucks that I have to pay for it, but at least it's 40% off atm. also wish that this content was available on the island as well if you buy the dlc
  2. SharkLordSatan


    From the album: Custom Dossiers

    A more lore-based dossier of a fictional beast known as Arkosaurus, heavily inspired by the Arkosaurus from that one 3DS game called Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs or something like that. I will be making a dossier for the actual Arkosaurus eventually. Also, sorry for the crappy quality, I had to make the image a JPG because of file size reasons. Open it in a new tab or something to get better quality.
  3. SharkLordSatan

    Custom Dossiers

    Fan-made Dossiers of my design!
  4. I'm guessing it's some sort of herbivore or omnivore-based dinosaur or similar proto-reptile. (There WERE reptiles that had fur, which were called cynodonts).
  5. Sometimes, when I can't think of a good name for my dinosaurs, I just name them Original Name. I know, how original.
  6. Frankly I'm thinking it's either a boss, or a skin that you achieve similar to the Bionic Rex. Either way, looks AWESOME!
  7. That actually makes sense, IMO. Though personally it dosen't really look like it could be made out of other creature's DNA (except for maybe a Ankylosaurus or Deodicurus.)
  8. Technically, this could be a sub-species to..whatever. I mean, think about it; almost everything on the island isn't really a "true" dinosaur (like for example the T-Rex, which is technically tyrannosaurus dominium, or the Brontosaurus (which in real life is actually Apatosaurus).
  9. To be honest, it looks a little bit like a tautara to me. Or a armadillo lizard.
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