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  1. not bug just idea so didn't knew when to add this so i choosed this forum i have an idea how to remove host barier problem, so on this setting will be max 2 players for better performance, and every player had "mini barier", it won't affect players but players outside this barier won't spawn and will freeze, for beter performance this mini host barier had 75-100 meters, i wish some admin read this and said if it is possible
  2. Kalii200

    story mode

    story mode i have an idea for a story mode (you can change it like primitive+) and also sorry for my grammar in this mode you can play only on official settings and you can't change it after an ascention you woudl go to next paid dlc for free but you can't use cheats, play multiplayer and get there thino from your other ark saves. also you can't come back after ascention so after Genesis you need to wait untill next dlc and maybe you can take one dino from previous dlc. for example you Ascend from the Island automaticly you will spawn on scorched earth and it will
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