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  1. i do have s+, is there an option to remove the mission thing?
  2. Genisis missions on the island glitch??? ok this is super weird i’m playing single player on the island and i got on this morning and the genesis mission thing shows up in my inventory at the top. the “active mission overview” is in some other language, it says in every area i have 0% percent yet it also says i have done 999/999 missions it also says the reward for all of them is 999,999,999 hexagons. THE WEIRDEST PART IS I DONT EVEN OWN GENESIS WHAT THE HECK! anybody know why this is here or how i can get rid of it??
  3. I meant that i got on the island again, i haven’t even got on any of the other maps. I am running s+, how do i turn that setting off so i don’t get the other engrams while i am on the island?
  4. i just fly with a tapejara and then have a ton of turrets set to kill wyverns that i fly over and all the wyverns die
  5. if you are tek tier and you are running s+, i just dino scan because they are super hard to find
  6. yeah i found it, i was just looking for something that said enable or disable mating but that wasn’t what it was called
  7. do you know how to do this? i looked through every option of the terminal and i can’t find it. am i just not seeing it?
  8. Mod for dino settings in mass Is there a mod that can change certain dino settings in mass? for example could do all yutys nearby to enable mating. i need like a lot of them for kibble and it is getting super hard to get mating on all of them and once i have a lot i’m going have to turn breeding off on all of them
  9. Engrams from other dlcs on the island So i recently bought Scorched, Abberation, and extincition and i am playing on the island right now. when i first got them, there was just the outline of the engrams and it just said Learn on (map). I got on today and they were available to unlock for some reason. I want to play all these maps in order and get all these engrams along the way ( I am going to bring this same character through all the maps) How do i make them so i have to learn them on the other maps? Edit: im playing singleplayer btw
  10. thanks!
  11. So when can we go back to s+ with all the new stuff?
  12. S+ Update So i heard on youtube that s+ was having an update, and to switch to ss before it comes out or else some of your structures will break. The mod updated, do we switch to s+ now? or are we still waiting? it wasn’t very clear what was happening with actually getting the update.
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