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  1. What they honestly need to do , to revive the game is fix all duping, meshing ,hacking (basically all cheating methods) and also make a ban for insiding because its killing the game(new tribes cant be made and megatribes dont recruit randoms) they need to do all that, then wipe all official servers and let players start again clean.
  2. application i have 1.1k hours on ark pc 800 hours of it on official pvp and last 300 on unofficial pvp never played pve and i dont like it im a good grinder not very experienced breeder and medium pvp skills if i want to rate my over all skills from 1-10 it would be 7 add me on discord if you want me to join xX_wizard_Xx#1190 also i cant speak but i type very fast and i wont have any problems during raid or defense i also have 12 hours+ playtime in a day and i have other friends who i can bring if you need more members !
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