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  1. So a small suggestion is to make certain dinos spawn with certain colors depending on the biome. Ex: lets say a raptor spawns in the snow biome, and another raptor would spawn in the desert, the one in the snow area would have more white and lighter colors because it spawned in the snow, however, the one in the desert would have light oranges and sand colored colors because it spawned in the desert region. i am NOT saying to make new X variants for all biomes, I'm saying make existing dinos spawn with colors that match the region where it spawned. of course event colors would spawn in dinos re
  2. skinable tek armor plz add the ability to put skins on tek armor i know mods for this already exist but console players cannot skin tek so plz add this into the base game.
  3. new dinos map tlc and more- suggestion ARK survival evolved mobile has great potential for more new an exciting things you added dungeons but why not go one step further an add an entirely new map with new creatures we have never seen before (or instead of the island you could add Ragnarok) and also finish the TLC you only have half the argy and giganto finish them and do the parasaur please and with your dungeons i see ark mobile may have its own story line at some point oh and please make custom consumable a thing and make the TEK armor have the buffs that it has on other platforms same wi
  4. Primal survival In 2016 ARK Primal survival was delayed to an unknown date NOT cancelled, personally just want to know if you have any plans for primal survival if not then just like you made Ragnarok and Valgeuro official maps why don't you make the Play As Dino V2 official as an official game mode like primitive plus, and if you have absolutely 0 plans for Primal survival then tell us that its been cancelled.
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