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  1. Wyvern cave Is it possible to build a base inside the wyvern cave (Ragnarok)?
  2. Your a legend with last nights server restart i got 2 eggs!
  3. I play Ragnarok PvP official server on ps4 and have never found or seen an ice wyvern or egg I have gone spawn locations everyday for last week and had no luck!
  4. Hello, I have gone to the nest locations everyday for the last week or so and haven’t found a single nest or seen any ice wyverns ? I haven’t a clue as to why this is happening! ? thanks
  5. Cant find ice wyverns? Hello, I am pretty new to the game and need some help with ice wyverns! I know the nest locations etc but i have never found a nest at the locations! I play on ps4 official server! I don’t know if this has anything to do with why I can’t get an egg? Can someone help please and tell me why I’ve never seen one on my server! Thanks!
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