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  1. xXALIXx

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    On my ark on Xbox I’ve been playing a lot on ragnarok for the past week. I’ve gotten up to the point where whenever the game try’s to save it exits the game completely put me back on to my dashboard/Xbox home screen. It’s been a problem for a while now and it’s really annoying. Could anyone help?
  2. xXALIXx

    aberration Ark Aberration DLC

    So I already have Ark scorched earth and I got it before the season pass came out and I was wandering whether the aberration dlc would be separate as well, since I don’t want to pay extra for a season pass when I have already got 1 dlc. I heard there was a discount for people who already own scorched earth. If anyone can let me know what’s happening that would be great. And also this is for Xbox.
  3. xXALIXx

    Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    Can you ride it ?
  4. xXALIXx

    mods Xbox one mods

    There was a trailer for play as a Dino back in June 2016 saying coming this year in 2016
  5. xXALIXx

    mods Xbox one mods

    I was wondering about if mods are still coming to Xbox because there has been videos about mod spotlights and nothing has been said about them being added to ark. I would love to see some new maps and I would like two mods the Anuki geniuses and the mod where you can be a Dino. I know mods can only go so far on console but if you see what Bethesda did with fallout 4 and skyrim remastered with there own mod menu where you could select what mods you wanted in the game, which I thought was really cool and simple and easy to use. If you could do something like that it would be great for Xbox players who want to play with mods. thanks for reading.