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  1. I can't find the force allow flyers code line in the .ini files. I turned it on, but now I can't turn it back off since the code isn't to be found.... Help me
  2. Admin Password Doesn't Work? Hi, I've been admin on a nitrado cluster for a week now. One of the maps (center) doesn't allow me to use my admin password for admin powers. What's happening is; I use Xbox button combo to have "request admin" bar pop up, I type in the admin password (I've tried 'enablecheats [password]'), I press enter, command box stays blank with "request admin" still showing on the side. No matter what I do, I can't get the admin password to even show up in the command box. Someone please help me.
  3. ChronicArk --> Boosted 6man PvP Cluster Server ?ChronicArk? Boosted 6man PvP Cluster Server! 100x! Insta Tame! Fast breeding and hatching speed! Freshly wiped yesterday! Infinite Metal! EZ craft Max wild Dino lvl 450 Custom drops Discord available
  4. Top Boosted PvP Cluster! [EU server with American Players too] Server Name: Devilz Ark Discord: HDfzVcj Custom drops, insta tame, ez craft, stack mods, boosted tame stats, competitive PvP, no fresh wipes. 6 man tribes, 100x Mod drops, insta tames 600 All info can be found on discord! Xbox and PC crossplay server! Join us now!
  5. New Quarantine Xbox 1 Server!!! Search: Catfordrats Boosted real PvP server. Open to every1 and any1.
  6. I spoke to nitrado about this issue on Xbox and they have no answer either. I'm sorry I'm replying without an answer. But it seems no-one has a solution. For my Xbox one I can get the admin box to appear, but my game refuses to allow me to type in my admin password or any command. Very very annoying. Ark/wildcard customer service is also completely useless too.
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