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  1. gen 2 is in all sense of the word "going out with a bang" although the horrendous mission inbalances and broken issues spoils it for me, but its impossible to hate this closing chapter of ark, its been fun a kick and a blast, an i look forward to the future
  2. a very ironic way/time to end the series to end it when it first began upon its birthday, not a bad decision at all but also quite poetic, despite the groaners and moaners will say "oh like we never saw more delays coming" people forget that at least wildcard are doing the right thing to polish up the game before launching it, you only have to look at those who where too impatient for cyberpunk and how a horrible mess that was, besides, some of the bugs in ARK are in their own sense a challange in of it self still in someway...although the constant DCing aint nice...but! either way looking for
  3. as nice as that all sounds, thats literally 5 in the morning for those who live in the GMT time zone
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