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  1. Forest Titan server crash problem still not addresed It was April 19th when I reported the server crash problem with the forest titan on extinction . Still have no answer to my post or patch to fix this issue. I would like to remind wildcard and their associates that we payed a lot of money for this game !!! If you are incapable of at least answering back to a post to let us know that you are looking into a problem and reassuring your customers that you are capable of handling issues in a professional manner then maybe its time to let another company handle these issues!!!! Stop making exp
  2. Forest Titan crashing server My tribe tried to tame the forest titan last night . After destroying the first corrupted node he moved back to the center of the map and as soon as he went to use his vine grab attack, the server froze and then crashed. We thought it to maybe be coincidence but after repeating the process 2 more times with the same result at the exact same moment. We concluded it to be a the reason for the crash. latter after being advised to not tame the titan another tribe went to kill him. As soon as he died the same problem occurred. the forest titan hit the ground and the s
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