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    Furniture, Skins!!! Look. I've been playing Ark since launch wether on pc or console. Play weekly, have my server live comfortable. Building a base/home is a very important thing in Ark and when i saw the homestead update(yes i'm aware I'm a little late) i really hoped whit that title that it was more than implementing structure plus( that in my humble opinion they did an half-assed job sry wildcard). I really hoped to see furniture and more than just simple beds. BUT I AM CRAVING FOR SOME GODDAMN FURNITURE!!! Where are my plates from which i can place on table. Where is my pottery and my assortment of pillows for my dodo den! I personally think that this game is devoided of that "home of the survivor!" feeling. i generally get creative whit the mortar and pestle and disguise them has plates and props and blablabla. But every bases or outpost i built kinda looks the same. I wish so many thing like weapon skins for the longneck the bow and all of those weapon. stuff u find on the wild or that are just customizale in the menu. I KNOW that the game is a bout the dinos and all that but can't a man have a dream?! i want to see more tek saddles god i want to see more than just the plain old saddles(i do have a mods that add more cosmetic for saddle) i just want wildcards to stop for a sec to add dinos and put some work into the survivors. Put some skins, put some bling on my survivor. GIve us tek dodo armor or something. I realise its more than just what i expected to write but... in hindsight I think this game sometime focuses too much on the dinos or the next dlc. Anyway, thats my two cents on what should be added... Thank you Wildcard if you read this Thank you to whoever reads this Feel free to comment!
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