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  1. Fix the garbage chat system I have never posted on here before but I’m so fed up with the garbage chat system/censorship. It’s pure liberal trash. I’ve always noticed how players can’t say certain words and cussing I completely understand but.. I found out earlier you can’t type the name “Karen” into chat? Like really ark?? Are you that liberal that you have to block a NAME just because it’s used as a joke/meme. What if my name was Karen and that’s what I wanted my character to be? I couldn’t do that because of course that’s sooooooooooooooo offensive. You guys need to get off your high horse and pay attention to the minor details rather than worrying about making more expansions for money sense clearly that’s mostly what you all are concerned with. I can type a multitude of cuss words or actually offensive stuff as can most but saying the word Karen or saying “I” is blocked.. makes so much sense. I always knew the devs were kinda off their meds but good God. What are they gonna do next make the characters wear full clothes by default due to nudity? Lmao what a joke. With that being said, since this topic is based on game suggestions I have 3. First off, don’t censor so much in chat. It’s annoying and people hate it not to mention half the things you can’t say make literally no sense like even a 5 year old wouldn’t be offended by these things but yet the devs consider them horribly offensive. Secondly please make the area on opening babies inventories a lot bigger. I had a couple dimorphs and troodons die after being hatched due to not being able to open their inventory’s also not being able to keep up with them moving around like the demons they are. And lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, please for the love of God can you just give us a warning on when an update is going to happen while in game like 15-30 min prior. And I don’t just mean on the main screen cause 90% don’t even bother to look at that. You can give us all a heads up when there’s server maintenance coming so why not do the same with updates. Someone could have their best giga or baby of some kind hatch and they have no idea they’re gonna lose them because you guys don’t have the decency to let us know. It’s trash. You guys figured out how to make a game I’m sure you can put your melons together and figure out a way to give everyone a heads up before an update. Thanks.
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