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  1. Been busy with real life stuff lately, but took the time today to start breeding my Extinction Titan giga army. I've got 50 mutations stacked on this line for now, coming out to 149 points. At some point, I'm going to mutate further in anticipation of the Alpha missions on Genesis I but for now this is it. Last week, I got the stats combined with each of the colour combinations I want in the final army on one male each and this week I started by studding one of those (Stat+Colour) males to 50 unmutated females. Popped out 10 males with stats+colour and 2 females. Going to do the same for
  2. Congratulations on the successful fundraiser! Very excited about Lost Island and even more excited about the awesome Fjordur news.
  3. I really love the Halloween event and since we'll have a detailed announcement next week, in anticipation lets share what features we'd like to see make a return: 1. Seasonal Foliage Change: Fear Evolved 3 is the first event I remember giving us autumn trees on the Island. I would love to see this again, on even more maps! 2. Ghost Skins: I didn't have access to Aberration and Extinction last year, I hope to grab Ghost Reaper, Basilisk and Snow Owl this time around. Share your own-
  4. The better part of a year ago, I was disappointed Rock Drakes were left out as the only Draconis species unable to breed. This weekend I was not! Needless to say, spent most of the weekend watching my carefully curated rock drakes having an orgy at long last.
  5. Really happy about the recent update. So glad to have Rock Drakes breeding and the Anky auto-harvest is a nice QoL convenience so thanks for that. I'm also really happy to hear that my favourite holiday is right around the corner. Please can we have the gorgeous autumn foliage back on the Island this Halloween, and the chilly weather. When I started Ark two years ago, that was one of the first events I participated in and I loved the seasonal trees. It was beautiful and atmospheric and rewarded returning to the Island map for those events. Super hyped and looking forward to h
  6. My favourite part about Achatina breeding is that there's no gender. I've got a red, white and blue aberrant one who's been a daddy three times and a mommy twice so far. He's definitely making Aberration great again.
  7. Since one of my friends hasn't yet ascended off the Island, and we (tribe-mate and I who have) wanted to play with him, we rotated our second map to The Center to do some caving together. The objective was to pick up the Artifact of the Brute, the last artifact we need to summon the boss portal. We got side-tracked naturally, once we made our way into the Abyssal Trench. All three of us got separated, lost in the swallowing dark. My tribemate kept her eye on the prize and continued the search for the Artifact. I found a level 150 mosasaurus lurking in the shadows, with 28 points in m
  8. Playing Extinction, private two-person server: We attempted our third purple OSD. pOSD went quite well, getting the hang of it now. Our process is using a Tek Forcefield Generator shielding a large area over the drop, metal spike walls around the drop itself and 3 Reapers, (clones because my sons are precious!) on tek leashes to defend against any breaches of the shield. Rock drakes almost always get through the tek forcefield. Is there any choice other than giga? Not to say I don't like it: I'm really enjoying gigas having a big role on the map. We've been breedin
  9. Wonderful news! So excited for this announcement. I, like everyone else, really, really hope one of those two new breedables are Rock Drakes. A bit anxious about the incoming Shadowmane nerf. I'm making my way through the story maps and when I was doing The Island/Scorched Earth last year, I kept reading about how amazing the Managarmr was as a travel mount. By the time I got to Extinction, it's a shadow of its former self and pretty much useless compared to a Lightning or Blood Wyvern. I really hope I don't have the same experience around Shadowmanes. I'm really looking forward to t
  10. When I started playing, my research into this subject led me to picking a combination of singleplayer and small tribe rules as a standard for what a solo player who wants the intended experience without the advantages of community needs: Single Player Settings: Unchecked (I think the imprint, damage done and damage resistance boosts for tames is excessive and undesirable) Player XP: X2 (On servers, you have shared xp. Makes sense to have this slightly boosted) Harvesting: X3 (Small tribe settings) Taming: X3 (Small Tribes settings) MatingIntervalMultiplier: 0.0001 (You
  11. For purple OSDs, we use two gigas (we are sometimes in range to be mateboosted but often move further away to deal with opposite ends of the hordes and lose the boost) that are imprinted to us and have good (100+ saddles). Gigas have to be mutated unless you're using many of them. Our gigas have 30 mutations in melee, around 500%ish on hatch which amounts to 99-107 points. You can do it with fewer mutations, I would recommend that one should aim to have at least 20 melee mutations, full imprint and good saddles. Be ready to rescue and replace an injured giga with a fresh cryopoded one and hav
  12. Having a great time on Extinction! I play with my best friend on a private server and since autumn 2020, we've been making our way through the story maps. Before that, we dabbled a bit on Ragnarok, Center and Crystal Isles and then decided to start the Island over and ascend each of the DLC maps. About a month ago, after ascending from Aberration, we started on Extinction. I know I'm late to the party, but this is a really fun map! It's so good to have constant daylight in the city/wasteland areas after the oppressive atmosphere of Aberration. (Aberration has been one of my favourite
  13. Definitely rock drakes being breedable - that would be my number 1 ask. They are the only draconis type that can't and also the hardest by far for gathering eggs. In addition, Karkinos and Basilisk breeding would be really appreciated too. A giga facelift would be nice but otherwise I think they're in a good place. A few quality of life changes: mating on/off whistle. Please fix the megalosaurus grab attack priority bug. Could we please get seasonable changes back for winter and autumn events, I was really disappointed at the lack of white/fall trees th
  14. Happy Holidays everyone, thank you for bringing back Winter Wonderland - for sure my favourite event. Can I hope that the we'll have the winter landscape back on the Island (at the least, would love to have wintry trees on every map)? I missed the autumn trees skipped from this year's Fear Evolved event and I would really like to see the blanket of snow back. Merry Xmas and have a wonderful holiday!
  15. Thanks a lot, this is amazing and I did see the individual coordinates but didn't know about the tooltip! Awesome!
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