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  1. It's never been that way on ps4, and that's terrible if it's been like that since the beginning on xbox, it's so annoying I had my fabricator all organized in singleplayer, and now everything's all mixed up
  2. Ever since the update before Fear Evolved my Items in my inventory and chests keep moving all over the place when i drop or move an item into them. It makes organizing something impossible, and extremely annoying to drop items, as something you want to keep (ex. Mastercraft Saddle) switches places with the meat you were about to drop making you drop the saddle instead. I thought this would be fixed with TLC 3 but i guess i was wrong..... I remember seeing someone also posting about this back in late Aug. or early Oct. but i couldn't find it, so i thought i post on it again since t
  3. I've tried 4 times now, crashes once it says press X to start. My error code i the same as the others: (CE-34878-0)
  4. Do you have a feeding trough inside your base.... darn, took the words out of my mouth
  5. If this is true then that's amazing, hopefully they make some of the other insects that can't breed able to in the future ?
  6. I mainly play SP, and I've yet to use any metal structures. However, i won't deny that they are useful if you plan to build near gigas or other dangerous dinos that can damage stone. When I build my base, I like to use a mixture of stone and wood.
  7. They could make it so that the Basilisk can't get mutations and imprints, I'm always worried when i take mounts out that are hard or annoying to tame due not being able to have a backup breeding pair
  8. Why stop there? Make other creatures breedable as well, such as Mantis, pulmonoscorpius, Basilisk, ect. there's no real reason they can't be bred
  9. Rework Unbreedable creatures Can you please let creatures such as the mantis, Pulmonoscorpius, Araneo, Basilisk, Titanoboa, and arthropleura breed, i like taming these most of these dinos but am always afraid of losing my high level ones, I don't really see a reason as to why these creatures can't breed in the first place as none of them (excluding the Basilisk) are very strong or could be unfair if bred......
  10. Well i'm glad i'm not crazy, lol, even my friend who plays on ps4 with me is dealing with this glitch a well
  11. Character Standing while riding dinos As the name implies my character is standing on my Argie's back while flying and is phasing through land dinos when riding them. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm on a single player Ragnarok world if that helps
  12. As of late the only issue i've had is my character is standing or phasing through dinos when i ride them (Ps4 by the way) which is kind of annoying and it only started after this update...... I mean my character is surfing on my Argie as i fly it
  13. Well congrats, i'll continue searching the green obelisk area for them, did you find it in the forest or out in in the open around the Obelisk?
  14. Yeah i looked up how to tame them, have the trap pieces and everything, it's just finding the darn thing that's the problem for me, i searched all over the island, and people said near the green Obelisk was a good spot, but all i find is tapejaras...... i'm really starting to not like tapejaras after all of this ?
  15. thanks for your advice guys, also do yo any of you know if it spawns in single player, I've been searching for hours on The Island and have found and killed at least 20 Tapejara and found 0 Tropeognathus
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