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  1. Hello! I am trying to attempt the broodmother. The problem is, I'm on easy mode. All of my tames/wild animals are below 60 (besides one rex that is level 100) and I am trying to attack the broodmother. Any strats for a spider kill with low level animals?
  2. Well, a tip to find the 2 high level dinos on the map is install larkator. It tells you the average location of every dino on the map. It may seem like cheating, I know, but is there really anything fun about searching for hours for a good level spino and only finding a level 40 carno? It has really helped us and I heavily recommend it.
  3. I have 1 female giga, and I know where a male is. If I can breed gigas, will that be enough to take out the spider? They are both low levels, but.. well.. they're GIGAS.
  4. Thanks for the ideas! If I can lure them away one by one, I'll have no problem finishing them off with a giga.
  5. They do, I was fighting a rex and raptor and they buffed each other massively. The raptor did like 100 damage per hit, and my giga only did 40
  6. There is a pack of SIX freaking alpha raptors near my base. I know that each alpha buffs each other, so I am scared of what a pack of alpha raptors will do. I have a low-level giga, but I don't think that will be enough. Any help with defeating an entire pack of alphas?
  7. It really depends. You can't just have one dino, and say it's the best. To truly survive the ark, I reccomend these dinos: Ankylo Argy Quetzal Spino Trike Meg Icthy Sarco Giga Theri Have all of them, and you're set. However, there is one creature that trumps them all:
  8. How many Trikes do you need, I have about 4 or 5 Trikes from level 50 to level 10. I also have 2 low level pteranodons, some dilos, some paras, and 3 raptors
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