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  1. I like how tek rifles and laser helmets were invented before toilets on the Arks
  2. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Im really happy to see Crystal Isles in here, it really is just the most amazingly beautiful map out there, even when it's really not close to being finished. And advanced rafts was already my raft mod of choice
  3. Your ARK Stories!

    I play in two ways, one is with a small group of people on a private server (unfortunately we had to close it for now since we couldnt afford it), namely my husband and a few friends. We all have fun together, play some pranks, build some nice bases, help each other out. Sometimes we would have outings on foot into caves or to hunt down certain dinosaurs. Something about playing and working together was just fun, but it was always PVE (aside from the pranks). My favourite time was when we played on the Center and had scorched earth dinos spawned, where I had my base specifically seemed to be a hotspot for wyverns, golems and gigas, so a friend down the river who had the biggest ruins claimed let me move in and I built a base on the lower level of the ruins. It became known as the 'chick base' just because it had so many decorations with the eco mods, and some other players complained of the frame drop whenever they flew by but dammit! We were proud of our colourful ruins. The other way I play is single player, and I use it for personal storytelling. I find it relaxing and adds a lot to single player when there arent other people around. I play with mods a lot and tailor it to the character I'm playing. One of my favourite ones would be the first time I set up the valhalla map- I never did a fly around first to see where everything was, but I had seen screenshots of an area of beautiful waterfalls and cherry trees. I decided to play like a nomad, I had a paracer base and an alpha direwolf, and I slowly made my way across the map on foot looking for 'paradise'. I tamed a few dinos on the way, at night I would find a safe place to camp out and park my paracer and would go scouting/hunting with my wolf. I was playing with bare necessities, so it was just a bow and the wolf for combat. Sometimes I would trek up a mountain and find too many dangerous predators, and would be forced to head back down and find another way. One time I was chased by a giga down into a valley and through a forest, until I lost it and was forced to travel along the shore. Sometimes I would think I found the place I was searching for, only to be let down and have to pick a new place on the map and head there. It took a few RL days of playing before I found it, and then I was able to start building a base and advancing. When I finally found the 'paradise' it felt like such an achievement. After that I added in a few more mods to make the map more dangerous, and my playtime then became about building a sanctuary. I would find interesting looking dinos and bring them back for safety, sometimes I would find an herbivore that managed to fend off a predator I'd take it back with me. No matter what map I'm playing, and whether it's single player or a server, I have a rule. If I find a dodo in the sea thats managed to escape a carnivore, and it makes it back to shore, I tame that little guy and take him back to my base with me. He's a survivor like me and I will give him all the berries and veggie cakes he wants.
  4. Favorite Map?

    I used to like the center, it ran like a dream until it expanded to include the giant redwoods area. Since then it's just way too laggy for me. It's still a great map but not my favourite anymore. The island is pretty boring after all this time and basic, but it feels better crafted than other maps? It doesnt have as many amazing locations, but the special ones it does have look amazing. Crystal Isles looks exactly like what I want, but Im waiting for it to be completed a bit more before I play on it.
  5. How to tame ichthyosaurus?

    All the icthys I've tamed (which admittedly werent many, I dont go in the water a lot) managed to get themselves stuck in shallow water to the point they were kind of floating above it. They wouldnt move once there so they'd never swim away after feed, but after taming and throwing a saddle on them I'd be able to move them. Not sure what map you're on but I noticed this especially when I had a base on herbivore island in the Island map, the bay there would always have icthys stuck in the shallows.
  6. I dont really think that's fair, or that it's better. The Center was made by one person and in a relatively short amount of time, and it definitely shows. Dont get me wrong, it's still an amazing map and you can see the amount of effort that has been put into it. I was following along with it all while it was in development, and played it a bit before it was released as an official map, but it was decidedly less polished than the Island. There are some beautiful areas, but there were others I'd be exploring, they just didnt look right, textures seemed flat, stuff clipping, etc. There's also personal preference. The Center is very over the top fantasy, which is great for some people, others maybe not so much. Personally I love the more tropical feel of the southern isles in the Island. Modders have freedom to make things how they wish. Developers need to keep accessibility in mind. For example Valhalla, another fan made map, is far larger than the Island. I absolutely love that map, but it does lag more and take up more resources needing possibly a better pc than what you'd need to run the Island on. That's fine as a mod, but if you were trying to make profit off it as the main setting for the game, that'd be a big problem. I think the Island still has it's charm though. If you've played nothing but that for months on end, a new map would seem better. After I played the center and valhalla for a while though and went back to the Island, I was able to appreciate it a lot more
  7. Just 5 more days

    Are we actually getting treehouses in the next update? I know it was mentioned in the community crunch but I couldnt really tell if they meant next update or just soon. Admittedly the response they said about it was worded...really weirdly. Kind of bugs me if we do because I'd been working on a treehouse base using mods, only to then find out we were getting redwoods and now treehouse foundations. Time to restart single player once that update is out!
  8. Singleplayer: Caves don't spawn mobs

    I havent gone into any caves in single player, but I've heard they can take a while after you enter. Im not sure if you have to stand around and wait for them to spawn, or if you can enter, leave the cave, then come back in in a bit and they'll be there. Either way, I've heard of several people having this happen in single player, or that the dinos are in there but they're underground or in the water drowning for some reason
  9. Want something fresh in Ark?

    I try not to use fliers at all now unless Im just going halfway across the map for materials specifically. Ive been playing a lot of single player lately, and Im having so much more fun than I was on a server with my friends. Even though I love playing with friends, having to rely on yourself changes things up quite a bit too. I did a nomad world once, I used Valhalla for it's size (but it got too laggy for me after a while) and travelled around on the back of a paracer with a mobile base. I had a direwolf that I'd use as well when I needed to go hunting after I left my paracer in a safe place. Right now Im on the island again, I used cheats to build the shells of my dream base but all the dinos I tame, all the actual functional items and gear I have to craft or find myself. I also wouldnt mind playing sometime with a raft. Right now I never go in the water, for some reason it terrifies me, but it might be fun to live on a boat and try all that. Although that might be more fun with other people. There are plenty of ways to find a new way of playing. Some might not sound appealing to others, but it's what you make of it. Right now Im working on a bunch of treehouses linked by bridges in the hidden lake, and find the dinos I like the most rather than those that are strongest (dont care about rexes and gigas and brontos. I love wolves and argies and paracers and dimorphodons though)
  10. BeaverLake!

    Unless it's been changed, you can force more beavers to spawn there. If you build a pen on some of those low cliffs where the dams sometimes appear and pick up the beavers and drop them in there, they wont despawn, but more will spawn to take their place around the water. In the private server I was playing on I built two seperate pen overflowing with beavers, and just as many swimming around in the lake. It got a bit ridiculous actually when I'd touch a dam and see a horde of them running at me
  11. How to make ARK more Fresh

    I find that flying makes the game pretty stale. I got on one of my wolves once and started just travelling around the island on foot, made things so much more exciting. I also got on single player, admittedly it was with a lot of mods but no reason not to with the island either, and just avoided flying entirely. Found a lot of little things I wouldnt normally have found, and playing on my own I was forced to play in a way I wouldnt normally (usually I just craft and build, in SP I had to play more of the hunter role). Recently I decided to live off a mobile base, I put a platform saddle on a paracer and just travelled around the map looking for a place to settle. I did this on the valhalla map since it's huge, but it could work on the Island too. Generally, just find a way to play that you wouldn't normally play, give yourself some self imposed challenges, or something like it
  12. What map do you enjoy the most? c:

    I really love both of them. Center is 100% complete aside from some bug fixes, seems to have a lot more unique and fantastical locations. Valhalla is bigger with rolling hills and forests and has it's own charm, but isn't entire finished. Personally Im planning to set up a dedicated server with Valhalla soon because of it's size, but Im playing single player on the Center. If you've got more people and don't mind the fact that some areas aren't complete, I'd say to valhalla. If you want something more unique, then the Center. They're both so much more interesting than the Island (which is also beautiful, but man is it starting to feel cramped)
  13. Where to find ichthysaurus?

    I usually see them when Im flying over the water all around the south. In single player I was setting myself up on herbivore island and one had actually managed to get itself onto the shallows there and was literally on top of the water, I just walked over in ankle deep water and started feeding it. Easiest tame ever. Sometimes I've seen them get stuck in shallows like that, but I dont do a lot of water content so I usually ignore them. Plus I like the beavers more
  14. That was a great read. The group I play with don't want to play on pvp servers, and instead we have our own private server that's just the single tribe and nobody else, with wild dinos capped at 60 even, so these sort of stories make me rather envious Sounds like it was a lot of fun