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  1. What do you mean it lists the value?
  2. Element Dust Gacha Rarity So as the title says, how rare is this infamous Gacha that can produce Element Dust, I have been testing it on Single Player by spawning over 400 gacha's and force taming, and not a single one of them has given me the option to select Element Duster, it's getting a bit ridiculous of how rare this thing is. I get the whole Element being the end game of ark and all but Extinction makes Element easy as it is, so why so rare on this gacha producing it?
  3. Logged in and started working on upgrading my Wooden base to Stone, then went to do a Dodobunny run and hope for a Direwolf Chibi.
  4. A lot of the lag in the server is also due to the event, as a lot of people are using it as an opportunity to tame,breed, level on servers, which in turn means more players = less stability in the servers.
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