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    my tribe was tribe of lilly and we left that server a couple of days after the wars started. we found out that we didnt get out in time, but we were spared because of our place in the alliance. apparently you can only take so many tribes with you into a war and we got left out by sheer luck of numbers.


    some players came to our server PVE official 489 and started a war with the largest alliance which was almost every tribe on the server and set it to 30 real days. they are wiping everyone that couldnt get out of the alliance before it started. my tribe barely got out in time but they are destroying everything and everyone else. please, have mercy and stop the war!!!!

    Official Server 483 Xbox PVE Unplayable lag

    did it start with rubber banding? the server i play on, 489 has been rubber banding players quite severely the past 2 days. we take a step forward and get yanked back half a step. earlier, it took me several minutes just to get out of my baby raising barn. the sad part is, its not even a big building....

    Help!! Trapped in Primitive Plus on Xbox!

    if what DJRone89 suggested doesnt work, a re-install of the base game will.
  5. We of server 489 are having extremely severe rubber banding issues. It's not just me, the entire server has been suffering for 2 days. We take a step forward and get pulled a half step back. Every single step we take.

    When is the Valentine event?

    you didnt have to deal with the lag due to not having taming caps.... i was there for lag from 600 of every critter tamed on servers. it was aweful. im glad there is a server hard cap on tames. as for the events....... oh dear god...... half the time, we didnt even get the bloody events and when we did, they were cut down to practically nothing because the devs didnt have time to implement them on xbox because they were too busy making sure everything was absolutely perfect for the PC players.... i get the reason behind the Valentines event only lasting 2 days. you probably werent there for the last one..... it was a disaster because a bunch of servers hit the max tame cap, which, btw, wasnt what it is now. i think the cap at the time was 200 per tribe (dont remember server cap). one of the servers i was on hit the hard cap during the last V-day event and i had to move to another server so i could operate. things are so much better now. early access was a nightmare and im glad its gone.....

    When is the Valentine event?

    i wasnt expecting this many comments on my post

    When is the Valentine event?

    it is getting awfully close to Valentines Day, but ive seen nothing on the forums concerning the usual event. are we getting one this year? i play on xbox
  9. for one thing, you are in the xbox bug report section. #2, if you want to delete everything, all you need to do is kill the dinos and demolish all the foundations.
  10. so i was gonna play a prank on my tribe mate by dosing his parasaur with narcotics while it was following him and make him think it just went unconscious for no reason. for some reason, it still followed him even though it was out cold. i then decided to try this with my pteranodon. it flies when unconscious. now, it only works if the animal is set to follow someone or another animal. also, you cant make it stop following you while it is unconscious. i have video proof, but the system wont let me add it here since the video is too large. P.S. i just about died laughing at this when it first happened LOL

    Introducing the Equus!

    it will be on the island and probably the center. if you read the whole dossier, it says its on the island.
  12. did anyone else notice the Ewok from Star Wars at 0:47 in the Redwood Biome/Titanosaur video?