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  1. Hello, i am on Official EU PVE server 947 and 946 where a couple of (CHINESE) tribes are duplicating. the server has a very high ping above 200 when they are online. The server lags like crazy, you can't do missions, tek suit doesn't work how it should, weapon reloading after 10 attempts They harass tribes by luring wild gigas or rex into the base. The server is NOT playable, if they are offline the ping is normal and you can play normally. The servers crash 4x to 5x a day with a rollback as a result. HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS STOP!!!!!!!! WHY NOT REGION BLOCK SE
  2. Also the Crystall Islands servers on pve have the same problem and when the server crashes it takes about an hour to restart.
  3. Don't understand why ARK 2 is being made, while ARK one still isn't done.
  4. I lost 4 lvl 180 Rockdrake eggs in transfer, just before crash
  5. What about these so called 'rare' chibi's???? I had 30 wishbones and all i got was 6 tuso chibi's, and de next 25 wishbones i had 5 mantis chibi's. Is this random or just a joke?? Also i get a lot of Dunkleo chibi's. So rare in what opinion??? If you ask me it's a joke like a lot more on ARK, almost none Tukeeys on the Island maps but you got attacked on Scorched Earth by four at once.
  6. If they do, it can't be long. Just few hours!
  7. Everyone has the same problem, they need to fix this ASAP
  8. There are Legacy EU servers on, but unable to join all of them. Update 316.28 needs an update!!! nobody can join any server.
  9. Got the same problem! right after the small update
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