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  1. WHY are there always issues with events??? Even after 6 years of ark still big issues.
  2. Again NO dino spawns on Fjordur maps are empty
  3. SERVER 124 IS ALREADY DOWN FOR 60 HOURS! Atleast 15 outage reports has been send in the last 24 hours. Any chance you guys going to FIX this or what??
  4. Thats because GEN2 servers are mostly running on old hardware and 2 maps on one machine.
  5. Its all the GEN2 server that has problems since the start of GEN2, no worry's they wont fix it. ARK2 is comming. If your server is down, your dino's wont die till its running again!
  6. 947 is now down for 17 hours, are you guys going to fix this or what??
  7. I wont, after 5 years easy bugs won't be fixed like on ARK1 Its gona fail just like battlefield 2042
  8. 90% of the outages are GEN TWO servers since the launch of GEN2. Something is not right with your servers WC! BUG FIX PLEASE
  9. Our server 947 GEN2 is crashing at least 4 times a day, the serveroutage is very high. Why Wild Card still dont do anything about this!!!!!! Filling in server outage reports, doesnt work. NO RESPONSE Contacting on discord, NO RESPONSE REPAIR THIS SERVER!!!!
  10. They wont, only major things. After 6 years of ark still having problems that are not fixed since day 1. And now ARK2 is commingnothing will be fixed anymore. Same as Chinese blocking the bossfight arena's on 946 and 947. It's impossible to do boss because everything is blocked.
  11. Since like an hour ago the menu's are not working well, can't join servers and when in a server there is a lot of rubberbanding. Not only me also friends from other country.
  12. Same problem here on pc! Crashes after opening or closing a vault.
  13. Why is the sack through floor issue still not fixed after all these years???
  14. Server 947 is down for over 24 hours again, when is this ongoing crashing gona stop??? Please do something about the crappy servers. This list is only from the last 8 days, server is more down then up. IS THIS WHAT WE'VE PAID FOR???
  15. Server LEGACY-PVE-EU-GenTwo947 already down for 15+ hours. Filled in server outage form more then once. Is there anything going to happen or just going to sit there??? Look at this downtime history, is there any optimization comming for this server, or keep on going with this crap and laggy stuff?
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