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  1. Are you talking about xbox? Because when I upload at the obi for xbox it only lists other Island prim servers to transfer to. We don't even have an SE server available. What is the server number? I will try bringing it up that way.
  2. So sad...I too am becoming resigned about legacy....often I am the only one on the server. I wish they would allow us to transfer dinos to dedicated servers. It's heartbreaking to lose 2 + years of time and work... wildcard has pretty much treated us badly. They don't seem to really care about their original player base at all.
  3. Can you at least let the Legacy servers transfer their dinos and items to a dedicated server?
  4. I agree....why include the primitive servers in the wipe? Why make us move to other servers with the hope for rag to move to if you knew we weren't getting rag? Why take away the prim scorched earth if we weren't getting rag? You raised our hopes, put us thru a weekend of hell, and made us pick and choose what we could save from 2 years of work....for nothing. Now we're stuck on crammed servers that hate us for crowding them. You should have just left primitive servers alone or wiped fewer of them...or at the very least left us Scorched. You should restore the primitive servers if we aren't getting rag....period.
  5. When will the primitive legacy servers get a Ragnarak server?
  6. I have been reading ....or trying to read this whole thread it's really long....trying to get clarification about the legacy primitive servers. I moved to one that wasn't getting killed....pve primitive. It looks like people are saying ALL primitive will be gone. There will only be prim+ or non tek....or regular servers....so...will I be able to transfer to SOME KIND of legacy ragnarak server? Or am I now just out of luck after all that work moving?
  7. Where are the server saves?????
  8. I'm so angry right now....I'm thinking I just might cancel my collectors edition and you can keep your damn game. YEARS I have put into this game. For nothing. There isn't anywhere to MOVE....you're getting rid of all the primitive servers. So I spent all this time breeding....basically WEEKS without sleep....for nothing. And you give us a week??? Less than a week?? Seriously????????? Can you even conceive how crappy this is???? Did you give any thought to this when you had those breed events??? Did you consider the time people were putting into that and now it's all for nothing. When I think of how many times I've recommended this game...now I will do all I can to spread the word how crappy this game is and how little you care about your player base.
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