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  1. House Insulation in Scorched Earth Broken

    also my bad I meant to also say that it isn't a "glitch" the multi layered walls is what would be referred to as an exploit, foul play no matter how you look at it
  2. House Insulation in Scorched Earth Broken

    I would just like to input that demonshadow is correct, wildcard is aware of the "multi-wall" building method and is working on fixing how it snaps and how damage applies to it, though this wont be covered until they do the build system TLC don't rave at each other, I get it double layers is fun, I do it occasionally, but most server hosts will ban you for antics like that- just an FYI lol I posted the txt wrong sorry for the edit
  3. ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    Are we gonna be able to use the event as a total conversion after it ends on xbox like they originally said? Cuz this honestly sounds too good for a 9 day time limited event, plus i wouldnt mind being able to throw these events on my servers for my players to enjoy more than once a year
  4. ARK Digest Q&A!

    can we have options to adjust the level caps and platform build limits on xbox? also I think adding sea serpents or hydras would make the game more fun, I think we need more mythical creatures
  5. ARK Digest Q&A!

    can we please get some manner of per dino rebalancing? sometimes I don't agree with changes you guys make on the dino balancing(don't get me wrong your game is fantastic) but from time to time id like to rebalance gigas separately from sabertooths and whatnot, would be great for us server hosts, especially on our xbox servers too