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  1. This is incredibly important, and should've been implemented in 2016. I was looking for instructions on how to do it, and all I find is ignored suggestions for implementing it? I made abnormal looking character as a joke and just kept playing with it. I have a life outside of the game, and starting a new character means I'm not touching this game again. Just let us change physical characteristics, it's not gonna be the end of the world. Also with my character's height, the head/shoulders stick out of ceilings that are 1-wall tall. Thanks.
  2. Stop wasting everyone's time by hijacking their complaints about official servers, and turning them into a back and forth on why they should play unofficial. We weren't born yesterday. Many of us have played this and similar games for years, and we know what unofficial and official have to offer. We chose official. More than 90% of the community complaints on this forum are about official servers because that's where they want to play. We don't go do unofficial server threads and try to convince others to join official. If you want to make a case about unofficial servers then feel free to start your own thread or even forum section for that rather than hijacking threads and switching topics to this debate. What you are asking of us is more drastic than going to the PUBG forums and asking people to start playing Spyro the Dragon without co-op mode instead of asking for the PUBG servers to be fixed. We have played for years, we know what the options are, and we chose official, which is why we are asking them to fix it. This is not the place to debate it, and I will submit a thread hijacking report with your next comment in this thread or a similar one in another thread. I know it's tempting to respond to me, but please try the difficult challenge of refraining from doing so as to not further continue the hijacking of the thread. Thanks.
  3. Immediately Cancel Eggcellent Event Wonder why the servers* are down or lagged out? Kids always jump to "ddos." It's not ddos. It's because of the 4x taming and breeding event. Large tribes pull out their cryopods and throw out a combined hundreds of tames to let them breed. This overwhelms the servers, rendering the game unplayable not only for those tribes but also for the vast majority of players. Of course Wildcard knows this issue, and it is in their interest to not address official server issues now that Genesis sales have flattened out. They make more money when people rent unofficial servers. I am collaborating with 2 gaming news journals to elaborate on this story. However, they wanted me to notify the developers of the issue first, even though the devs are well aware. Here is your notification. I welcome an urgent response from a developer (LinkedIn profile seal) and not a "community manager". *refers to official; please do not contribute to thread if you did not realize it without this footnote
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