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  1. I was going around on server 586 on a Bloodstalker. Suddenly my game glitched and the grapple marks stopped showing up, at this point i also found out i couldnt dismount or even attack either, i could only jump and move. I figured my game had just crashed so i logged out but upon logging back in i was at the respawn screen. I spawned with nothing on me and checked the tribe i made right when i joined and saw it was no longer there. I transfer off back to my main server, a genesis, and see all my points have been reset. 650k points gone.My theory behind this happening is that 586 rolled back fo
  2. Gamertag: DarkestShadows9 Hi, I’m an experienced player with 1700 hours on ark. I’m good at both pvp and grinding/breeding. Looking for a tribe to join and have fun in. Discord: MalcolmG17#7692
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