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  1. Edit: I found the issue. I was using the Tek saddle on the space dolphins to get it’s hp below 10%. When using them the Tek Wyvern will not perform the animation, thus can’t be ridden. Even though it’s glowing blue. You just have to put a single bullet into it after getting its hp low with the dolphins in order for you to ride it.
  2. I was taming a Tek Wyvern last night, and I got it to about 60%. At which point it killed me after kicking me off. I spawned back in and then the option to ride it was gone. I ended up having to kill it because it was no longer able to be ridden. Taming meter was still there, just couldn’t ride anymore. Yes hp was way under 10% (down to about 40hp) Anyone else have this issue?
  3. (NA official PVE Gen2 995 on PC) Server crashing is getting bad. Not only does the server crash every 1-2 hours, but it also involves a 10-15 minute roll back each time. When you get kicked back to the server select screen after getting the “connection timeout/lost connection” message, the server is completely gone. You have to sit there and wait for 10+ minutes for the server to even re appear on the list to get back in. I talked to my friends on PS4, and they aren’t having this issue at all. Assuming it’s a PC servers issue? Is anyone else experiencing this? Or are there just
  4. When it comes to knocking out a dino, or killing them, it has always been (across all platforms) that when their torpor gets high, or when their HP gets low, they will flee. Which, is a good feature, and an understandable one. However, like in the clips I posted above, if I’m just running around fearless around carnivores and Alphas, somethings wrong in my opinion. I think PC has some AI issues.
  5. I was having the same issue, however I believe I found out the issue. I think the Count is 10 off. I noticed that once it hits 59/70, then refresh, the player count jumps a bunch. So 59/70 is the same as 69/70 when trying to wait and join. Not a proven theory because I just decided to head to bed, but I think it's right. I recommend just spamming join once its at 60/70, and just wait for someone to leave the server. Just a Theory though based on seeing the count spike again after hitting 59. (For some servers like ours, I noticed other servers seem to be at 70/70 which is proper reading.)
  6. Really? It seems like a feature they should revert. Carnivores are literally not a threat in this game compared to my experience on PS4. I can literally just hang out around an Alpha Raptor for example and he wont even attack me unless I sit there for a VERY prolonged amount of time. They just run around like spazzes bumping into you. lol I will post a few clips of what I mean. I feel like Carnivores should be merciless once they notice you. https://www.twitch.tv/wolfbrink/clip/DaintyNiceClipsmomPraiseIt-UojVHqnTxWTA9nbX?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time https://www.twitch.tv/w
  7. The issue I had before was this. Let’s say I ran up to a Carno on the beach and stabbed it with my spear, it would roar, then turn and run away. While it’s running away he would be targeted onto me (head turned facing me while running) but running away. After a few minutes he would then run at me and attack. Sometimes they’d attack for a moment or 2, then run away confused again lol. I wasn’t sure if anyone else had to deal with that or if it was a bug that got fixed.
  8. I haven’t played Ark in about 8 months, however when I originally switched to PC from PS4, it seemed like the AI took a massive dump. On PS4, aggressive carnivores and such would attack you immediately if provoked, or if you damaged them. On PC I’ve ran into so many situations where they all just run away from me for like 5 minutes before they finally decide to attack me. Almost as if they can’t figure out how to get to me or their pathing is off. Has this been fixed? Or has this been something anyone else has experienced on PC? Here is just a quick clip I took for an example. I coul
  9. I would love to see you be able to play and enjoy Official PVP with a 60 hour a week job, family, and a 5 month old daughter. A lot of PVP players have this weird mindset that they're literally the king of all poop because they either puss out in a mega tribe and their only job is a harvester and they call themselves a "pvp player" or they just no life the game on a hardcore level to where it's more of a job than a game. Both modes have their places, both players have things they like to have to keep entertained. It's a debate that will never end. I Loved PVP, but I also really enjoy
  10. When it comes to PVP, that is a massive issue for sure. However that's a painful hit to all the legit players that have A LOT of invested time, and in no way is it fair to them. At this point in the game, Wildcard has no room to wipe all official servers. "Everyone" would stop playing the game. Only option to counter that for Official servers is, a new set of transfer locked servers for people to escape to. But as I've said a lot already, it's just not viable sadly.
  11. All very good points, and very true. The only real answer is Unofficial, because the alternatives aren't plausible. Sure would be nice though. I guess I just crave those experiences. Extinction, for example, would have lasted and held a player base for A LOT longer if some servers were not opened. People would have to still breed up Armies, or Gigas, to run red Drops and work as a team. Instead, Day 1 of transfers everyone brought in their 375m hatch gigas at the time and solod everything. Genesis is next up on the chopping block. IF they open transfers, which as history shows they will e
  12. CrossArk sounds pretty neat! I never did notice or experience it. You are correct though, Once its around for a year, the people on those servers have established lines and its no longer any different from any other original official servers. The only way around it is, as you said, Unofficial, Or every time they release a new map, it comes with its own Crossark set of servers including the new map, and a set of the old maps all fresh. While it would be cool, its not possible. It would require them to make MORE servers, and that's just not an option. They already have server issues, and a
  13. Very bored. On the bright side I went back to work today after 2 weeks off! I've never played unofficial, mostly because I'm one of those people to want to play the game the way it's meant to be played by the developers. Unofficial just doesn't seem right to me. Also, with the many stories that I have heard about admin abuse, there's no way I would want to. Who's to say the server won't go down at a certain point, or if the admins wanna wipe you out because you do something wrong or don't agree with you. I couldn't play on a server where another player has the power over me to do as
  14. I'm aware, also aware of the server issue. If you read my most recent replies I openly say this isn't feasible because of how many servers it would take, and I also mentioned in my OP that it would divide the official community. I'm just bored making a thread about something I think would be awesome to have. Even though it's not reasonable. Lol
  15. You're 100% correct, they will turn into the same thing that official currently is after a year. But. If they released new official servers that are transfer locked each time they release maps, it would be perfect timing for players to decide for themselves if they wanna keep it up on the server they're on, or if they wanna start fresh again and try again. Being able to decide if you wanna join a fresh server with no transfers IN every year, or just stay where you are would be amazing. Viable? No. Ark already has a ton of servers. Could you imagine how many more servers th
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