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  1. Yes I get it just they didn’t add this in the dirst place I blame no one i was just wondering if any of you now why
  2. I now I don’t blame you ? I just find it weird I mean allo’s are perfect for SE I mean they made for the map
  3. Alright thanks you all guys but i still don’t no why they are no allo on se they are perfect for that I mean there are thyla and studf but no allo’s damn why
  4. Yeah that’s fine i play on single player and have rates 15?
  5. Sorry for bad english I had no clue how to say it but I mean rates from 3 time taming
  6. Foritude on scorched earth Hey does any of you guys know how much fortitude you have to have for surviving regular scorched earth?(that does not include heatwaves and sandstorms) also if you want to ware flak or riot (because hey got a negative heat protection)
  7. Love philloinger phoo one tip though if you want to tame something like a argy make aure to watch he basics of it (it is a serie of phillinger phoo he is going to tell all of that animal like how to tame and what you can do with it)
  8. Thanks I really like scorched earth and allo so was wondering if you could transfer stuff from dlc to basic map
  9. Ark wyvern breed raids Hey doe anybody now how high your raids must be if you want to tame a wyvern without milk?
  10. Why are there no allo’s on scorched earth Hey why aren’t there allo’s on scorched earth and am I able to start on se go to the islamd tame an allo and come back WITH the allo to se?
  11. All right i have some issues to just got to have pacient
  12. Or if the dino’s can kill you please don’t stand in front of your rexes
  13. Well the point is don’t go near your friend with a rocket launcher?
  14. Yeah that’s right you can maybe have it next valentine you can maybe install mods to get it tough
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