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  1. Yeah i thought that meners where the same as followers? so just 2 i am the other flollower. yeah kind of gliding not as good as the rock drake or the archeo but more someting like the terror bird (not as looking but as glide effiecenty) something like a cooldown or stamina. Hope this helps
  2. Thanks allot, i hoped someone would comment under this now hope Wildcard see this...
  3. You mean something like the bloodstalker I was thinking about wings of the rock drake for the feet claws and horns in the head but the rest is human bady maybe with a tail?
  4. I think i n I think I know your problem... you have a couple hours to defeat the bosses and the server was still online during the crash, so the countdown was finished and all your dino’s died in the arena. I hope this helps?
  5. New creature for crystal isles Hey Wildcard If you see this I have a idea for a new dino for crystal isles... a dino you can’t tame but you need to get it something like a reaper but instead of riding it you can transform into it, isn’t that cool that you could jump of a mountain and transform to that creature and fly away... Vote up (or something like that) so Wildcard can see!!! Leave down below what you think of this creature or have a suggestion of how it would look like?
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