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  1. Cross-Ark Working but wiping characters/Dinos? I enabled cross ark & allowed all restrictions. I made sure to follow the guide 100% & Cross Ark is working & the cluster server show up perfectly & can swap back & forth seamlessly, with one GIANT caveat. It deletes EVERYTHING, your dinos get wiped, your inventory & your entire existence is eradicated for no reason. You can transfer your character but you load in to the spawn menu & spawn with nothing, like as if it killed you. I am not sure why this is happening, my settings are pretty standard & I generally kno
  2. Nitrado Xbox Auto engram question I want to add this command (bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true) to my game.ini on my xbox/win10 nitrado server... As much as I have read about this I am not 100% what it does. From my understanding it will auto unlock engrams for you as you reach each new xp level. I hope that is the case. However my question is whether or not it unlocks dlc engrams? Which I do not want it to do. So does anyone know what the command does exactly? And does it or does it not unlock dlc engrams? Thanks
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