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  1. Primal pass double charge I accidenty renewed primal pass twice and am being double charged. I thought that might have been the issue with the server not working today. Anyone done this? I can refund the charge but it says that I may loose affiliated items. I don’t want to loose everything I have worked for so I’m scared. What to do?
  2. I tried the same thing. I have a friend who downloaded and played once with me a long time ago and is able to get online. I have him on feeding for me but has no clue how to defend or power generator move things to safety ect. I want to scream from the top of the volcano!!!!'!!!!!!! How could they mess up this bad??????
  3. I don’t update my phone or iPad because there’s always something wrong that comes with this. But I’m guessing the app is on auto update. And yes I just installed power and turrets last night but was going to fuel them and turn on today before pvp and I have no way to do this. This is absolute BS. And yes I was just informed that others are still up and running and pvx/ pvp is still going on live for android and people who’s apps were not on auto update.
  4. Same here. I had my first Argie babies hatch last night and had to wait till 330am for imprinting feed. Set my alarm to feed this morning and couldn’t get back online. I’m losing my @#$&. I’ve finally managed to stay alive a few nights on pvx without getting everything and tames wiped out by alpha tribes. And it’s coming up on pvp time and I can’t get on to feed my babies along with defend everything I’ve worked for. Really bad timing on a update and to not give the option of time selection like maybe while it’s not pvp. Help what do we do? This is obserd forget the Easter eggs!!!
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