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  1. Fert eggs teleporting to 50, 50 (PS4) This has been a major issue for going on 4 weeks now. An update in late May claimed to have fixed this issue, there is a patch note that says "Fixed bug that teleported fertilized eggs in stasis to 0,0" or something along those lines. Except it's not fixed, it's just teleporting to new coords. Around 50, 50 on each map about 100 meters in the sky is where you'll find these eggs. It might be some sort of anti mesh mechanic that was added in that update, but all I know is eggs are teleporting here from all over the map from various tribes on multiple servers, even official servers. This is on PS4 but I want to assume it is happening everywhere. This NEEDS to be fixed asap.
  2. Looking for example broodmother cave base build for PvP Hello I am about to join a new server that will be wiping soon and my tribemates plan on taking broodmother cave on Valguero for our main and it seems to be a pretty underrated building spot for PvP, I have not seen any videos on YouTube of PvP build base tours like you see with caves on the island and the center If anyone has a base your that they are willing to share please share with me! It will be my third time building in the cave and I want to make sure it gets done well
  3. Interview 22, EST, I'm great at farming mats, and breeding. I'm looking for a tribe that is active and experienced in PvP. I have spent too many hours with poope tribe leaders and we can never build up fast enough. I'm never one to go start business that I'm not ready to deal with. Trustworthy, honest and active player here just looking for a big tribe
  4. Experienced player looking for tribe on official I have played on official before and have over 2000 hours pumped into ark both PvP and PvE. I'm great at farming mats and tames, completely capable of operating on my own for the first few weeks to prove I'm trustworthy (if necessary) just tired of getting wiped by toxic grieving alphas
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