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  1. That means new players are not welcome. That's a development team and a community that does not want new players on the pvp servers. Thank you for confirming this, again. Those who have been around longer seem to enjoy the paradigm and newer players find it insufferable. If you would like to contradict my assessment that this game is made primarily for legacy players and is openly unwelcoming to new players let me know. But so far all you've done is convince me that I am correct. Hopefully, some potential new players will see my review and save money. Or buy the game with the understand
  2. I've only ever played two others. Not going to mention them because it's not fair to the owners of this forum to do so. One of them didn't have official servers and the other did not allow a small group of veteran players on pvp to jump from server to server wrecking new players. That's unique to ARK in my experience. Every game has a reward system. Literally every game, ever. It's a basic part of game design. Do you think people would spend hours taming a dino with the expectation that it gets back up and becomes wild again at the end? Or do you think people hit trees with axe
  3. I know. That's why most new players who want to play PVP will end up leaving the game not long after purchase. The reward system is broken. Without a reward system a game is just pedantic button mashing. No incentive for continued play means most people won't continue to play. Obviously there are two sides to this issue based on the responses to this thread. And as I said before, if you're inside looking out it must seem okay. But if you're on the outside looking in it's a waste of time. You're on the inside. Congrats. Enjoy your desert. As time goes on it will get more and mor
  4. Myself and dozens of others were doing that. Or trying to. People will not stick around and L2P unless the standard reward system that's in every game is functioning. If you do not reward a player for learning the game and advancing they will stop playing. Dozens of players on the server I was on are walking away from the game because of this. That's just one server in one 2-3 week span. Extrapolate that out to the total number of servers over a much longer time frame and you're likely talking about thousands of potential players. If not tens of thousands. You can act like some
  5. Thanks for all the kind responses. I guess if you're on the inside looking out you don't think there is an issue. But if you're a noob who wants to play something other than PVE then I guess it's just "tough luck." I'll leave a review warning other players of this since I cannot get my money back. Maybe if the servers ever wipe I'll be open to playing it again. It's too bad. This game was fun for a while and I was hopeful I could put a ton more hours and eventually enjoy the DLC. Obviously, the devs and the community do not want new players. I'll try PVE maybe, but that kinda
  6. Except other games figure out ways to deal with it. ARK is unapproachable on the official PVP servers. One of the other posters estimated 99% of players quit because of it. That's a flaw in game design. No way around it, that part of ARK is broken.
  7. I cannot think of another game where high level players can leave their server to go to another server and dominate noobs. Maybe this happens in more games and I just don't play them? But usually there are balancing mechanics to give new players a chance to at least hurt the high level players in some way to discourage their attacks or mitigate the damage they do. Those mechanics do not exist in ARK. This feels like COD, but the guy on the other team gets to start the round with all of his killstreaks while I start unarmed. That's not fun. That's not competitive. There is no reward
  8. Thanks for the answer. I was worried that's what it would be. Not trying to argue with you... but being "fit" implies the ability to overcome the odds with good playing. That's not the reality here. I could play 24 hours straight for 10 days in a row and the other guy can just log in for an hour to totally defeat me with zero risk to his base/resources. The ability to play the game well is not a factor. The ONLY factor is how long you have owned the game. But thanks again. Maybe if the servers ever reset the game will be playable (for awhile anyways). Until then, it's pointless
  9. Unbalanced Play - New Players Not Welcome I have a two person tribe on an official server. Last night, every single tribe on the server (mostly noobs) had their bases destroyed, their tames killed, and their resources just dumped on the ground. Literally every single tribe save one was set back to NOTHING. Dozens of players from the entire server were all having fun until this. Most of us no longer want to play because there is no way to stop it from happening again. The guy who did it is from a different server. His tribe doesn't even play the server I am on. They just send a
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