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  1. It really does depend on where you are travelling/gathering. Extreme heat/cold is only a threshold. For example, without wearing fur armor in 2 degrees, the extreme cold can come up. You'd probably only need one air conditioner, maybe two, to eliminate this debuff. However ’ice cube’ also covers far lower temperatures, for example -60 in murder murder snow, and you'd need a lot of air conditioners to combat that. The same goes for extreme heat. So, check the temperatures where you are planning to go, and then we might be able to answer that more accurately. You could also look at taming a
  2. Thanks. I normally rely on the wiki and it did mention that but it didn't say it was fixed. Thanks for answering.
  3. Ferox Insulation I was just wondering - if otters and dimetrodon insulation can be increased by levelling damage, does the same go for the insulation provided by small, shoulder-mounted feroxes? Or does levelling them only affect their stats after being fed element? Does anyone know?
  4. There are settings to change this even with PvE enabled. I haven't come across a separate setting myself. I do, however, play singleplayer with PvE enabled and it doesn't seem to disable the effect. It might just be me but I don't think PvE has a toggle for cyro.
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