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  1. Setting the stack size to this in GameUserSettings.ini does allow double stacking ItemStackSizeMultiplier=2.0. But the problem is that every time the server starts the stacks get reset, for example, if I have 6 stacks of thatch, each stack being 400 (twice vanilla which is 200), restarting the server converts this into 6 stacks of 200, then when I pull those stacks out of a vault then put them back in it stacks back up but to 3 stacks of 400. Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to fix this?
  2. I see, so basically nothing I can do to recover my current character, and just for the future I need to create custom backups?
  3. How can I do that, all I have been doing was renaming the .ark files because that's what I read online, is there a tool for this?
  4. No, I only restored the world save, how do I restore the player save, what directory it that?
  5. I have spent the last hour reverting saves on the two worlds in my cluster, but when I start up the server and join, it tries to spawn me back like I'm dead when I join despite reverting to an older save where I should be alive. Do you know why this is and what I can do about it?
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