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  1. Still waiting, how much longer do we have to wait for this to get sorted ?
  2. Uh ? are you the forum police or something ? I made that comment long before Casanova was trying to do something about it, and that comment amongst others is why Casanova IS doing something about it, unless we complain they wont know something is very wrong......
  3. Well you could sell the game sealed i guess, might get enough for season pass
  4. Funny thing is i can get the old collectors edition with the game shipped to me for less than this, talk about Ark screwing up everything they touch........joke!
  5. Was going to order this till i see the shipping is more than the product lol, when will this be available in the UK ?
  6. Doyeathinkhesaurus...........named my Rex this when i was playing hide and seek with him
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