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  1. I never had raw socket activated in ark server manager and still nobody can enter my servers
  2. Thank you very much! I already asked from China, now I just have to wait, another question, how do you protect your dedicated servers from DDOS attacks?
  3. Sorry, I do not understand much, so the xeon are good for ark? E5 2690 dual xeon from aliexpress will go well? link -> Kllisre X79 Dual CPU sorry I'm from Argentina I use the translator
  4. What other cpu do you recommend? Is the i7 7700k better than the r5 3600x? o i5 8600k ? o r7 2700x ?
  5. Hello! I currently have a server with 3 cluster maps limited to 40 players (ping from 80 to 100 server full) I want to improve the ping, change the cpu to a more current one, I was thinking about the ryzen 5 3600x, what do you think? Now i have a fx 8350 32gb ram ssd
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