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  1. ClapTeam6 Looking for a raid tribe to put together send me add psn setashi if you down to build up and lay some clap.
  2. Looking for recruitment I'm 30 have a lvl 85 and looking for recruitment I good at pvp and farming also tames usually play solo but want to play with others and grow to do boss fight and own server PM me on psn setashi it my gammer tag
  3. Looking for recruitment I'm 30, i can tame, grind for tribe, and protect great at pvp with mana love the name mib by the way, I think it's bad ass. I been solo only been in a tribe of too I so to been hard for me to do boss fights do to grivers and megas wiping me looking for a good tribe I think I'll be a good asset psn name Setashi PM me plzzz
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