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  1. Cannot transfer specific Dinos from Valguero So I'm encountering an important issue when I try to transfer creatures between my clustured servers. Before describing the problem any further, everything is vanilla (no mods, standard settings). I have played with friends on my private server, on Valguero. We decided to move to Ragnarok, so I rented another Nitrado server and installed Ragnarok on it. Everything is clustered, and works. We have been unable to transfer specific Dinos (Ice Wyverns and Golems in our case) from Valguaro to Ragnarok. Let me explain : we are able to upload them from Tek Transmitters/Beacons/Obelisks, but then they are greyed out in the menu and we can't download them back not only on Ragnarok, but on Valguero where we uploaded them ! We've managed to recover our creatures thanks to back-up saves (I'm kind of paranoid so I always make sure to save everything). I've found a list of creatures on this topic that cannot be uploaded/downloaded from Valguero. Please note that it's been months that people have been crying for help not only on this forum, but on Reddit, Twitter and Steam and no one have been able to answer or find a working fix. And I'm also kind of sick of people replying "I have this issue too plz help". So I'm decided to make sure that this game-breaking issue is reported to whom it may concern. So far I've tried what a forum user called @Maverick88 suggested with no success. Cryopods also don't seem to be working. When you put an Ice Wyvern / Golem in them, then transfer from Valguero to Ragnarok they can't be deployed anymore and the weird "raptor" icon appears instead of their respective icons. I haven't tried transferring from Valguero to another map, but to my knowledge it's the same issue on other Arks. Valguero seems to be the cause of this issue. So please, don't let this be forgotten. I'm lucky to have my own servers so I can spawn/save/back-up things. But I like playing legit, so I'm really not interrested in giving ourselves back our dinos. I just feel sorry for people playing on PvP and official servers.
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