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  1. I would love to see more info about future Evo events. Since rates are boosted already, will it be special theme ones? "Evolution Breeding Weekend" "x2 maturation" "Evolution Love Weekend" "x2 mating range" "x3 laying egg rate" "Evolution Diet Weekend" "Baby x0.3 food consumption" Etc etc.
  2. Armor Clamp - Pvp complaining again? Is this another change we have to thank the pvp community? First the nerf on crafting saddles (capped at 124 after crafting). Now the few saddles we may have with more than 124 armor, are having the 124 when threw out of the cryopod? Jesus. I said it again before, I'll repeat the same question: Do you want to kill crafting skill?
  3. 1) All the dinos unpoded 2) He looks at one, to see the old "ID", then does a command line that replaced "OLD ID" with "NEW ID" on all active dinos on the server. Basically that. You don't get haircuts or engrams, you have to do the boss fights by yourself.
  4. Quick travel between beds.
  5. The whole purpose of alpha fights are to be completed in groups, not solo them. Of course, with lines like the ones we have right now SOME are, but you still need to think outside the box and try to complete them in some other way. Outside the box: Hey, unpod a few rexes to tank the raptors while you munch with the giga. Or actually… group with people on the server to do them, the way it was intended to.
  6. You complain about 1 crash a day? Check the last 7 days of this server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2526045
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