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  1. It seems DDOS attacks are on the increase on both official and unofficial servers across the Ark game platform. I play with some friends on 2 maps, one is official and the other is player dedicated ( unofficial ). We have send multiple tickets to report the issues with screenshots, however we never even get a reply from the Devs or costumer support ( that's if there is any costumer support ). We paid for this game and yet are unable to play it as the servers are constantly being attacked by kiddies who seem to think its fun destroying a server with DDOS attacks. It seems
  2. So we all waited till midnight with the entire server and guess what............................NO FIRE WORKS, Not on new years eve or on the 1 of January as mentioned, wildcard screwed us again, what a mess
  3. Get ready for BLUE SCREENS, LAGGGG, AND LOSS OF CHARACTER in Ark 2. Have a nice day
  4. still not working, cryod a ice rock gollem and am unable to deploy it on the server where I tamed it ( Gen 1213 )
  5. No servers found ps4 Ark Evolved No servers found when I logged into Ark, anyone ells having this problem ? I rebooted my wifi and my ps4, still the same, I am unable to find any servers in Ark.
  6. I am wondering when they will fix the Ferox breeding seeing a lot of people are losing elements trying to breed them and only to find out that its bugged and ya no longer can breed Feroxes, I mean common wildcard, ah and also blood-stalkers yet again require over 1000 k blood for a decent high level, where as 2 weeks ago before the update a 145 or a 150 required around 250 blood packs. What is going on Wildcard
  7. Ferox breeding does not work so dont waste your time trying. Devs need to fix this asap, also Bloodstalkers again require insane amount of blood now to tame (over a 1000 for a high level ) where as before a 150 required around 250 blood packs, Seems Genesis is broken, not that ark even cares seeing blue screens etc is still the norm as from the day this game came out.
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